i am an

i work with:

digital media!

my work engages with the practices of photography, animation, experimental moving image, digital & physical media projection spaces, theatre and improvised sonic performance.

i work primarily with analogue image making tools before capturing the images that these formats render into the digital space for manipulation and later presentation.

thematically i am currently exploring the landscape of memory, dream states and my working premise that the self is an illusion generated by the striking of dream onto experience.

much of my work sees me engaged with and inspired by live performances; working with musicians and performance artists to make images that channel and amplify their expressions.

i also run a filmmaking studio practice with my alter-ego donshades.
together we create commercial work with carefully select clients.

contact and collab : don @ donshades dot com

david mcnulty. artist. filmmaker.

david mcnulty. artist. camera operator.

david mcnulty. artist. photographer.

david mcnulty. artist. painter.