i am a
visual artist,
creative director.

David 'donshades' McNulty is a multi-disciplinary filmmaker, photographer and visual artist. David’s work explores the delicate relationships that govern our interactions with constructed, social and natural environments; interrogating received notions of identity, memory and time. David’s experimental film work has been presented at the Open City Documentary festival in London (2018), The Zoom-Zblizenia festival Poland (2017), The Venice Institute of Contemporary Art (2019) and the Blow-Up Festival of Artist’s moving image in Chicago (2020). David has worked as a photographer, filmmaker and a/v artist collaborating with and platforming the work of other artists including poet Stephen Watts, Orchestral pop artist Fiona Fey, multi-disciplinary performance troupe The Unhidden Collective, and artist Winter James.
Filmmaker and Artist David McNulty

: Dance Film, 3.5min, 2021 :
Together was a dance film that came from a desire to express the frustrations of being contained within the urban / built environment during the COVID-19 Lockdown. While this film was a departure from my developing aesthetic, it's interrogation of space, memory and the dream state represent a major step forward in my practice.

:: LIKE YOU ::
: Experimental Music Film, 4min, 2019 :
This experimental music film was created with artist Fiona Fey. The film explores perception, identity and memory. The work further develops my experiments with double exposure techniques developed through my 35mm stills photography, transporting them into the world of super 8mm film and embracing the myriad of technical problems that accompany the transposition.

:: THREE ::
: Experimental Film, 5min, 2018 :
This experimental film, set to music and shot digitally attempts to use double exposure techniques developed through my 35mm stills photography as a narrative device.

: Experimental Super 8mm Documentary, 6min, 2017 :
This short experimental documentary film shot on super 8mm in black and white looks at the creative process of Artist and Photographer Selina Mayer. The film asks if there is a link between the sexualisation of the naked form as a default mode in contemporary society and the ease in which we acquire images in the digital age.

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