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:: "Into The Dream" - 35mm Photography, using double exposure as a catalyst for narrative creation.

This project kick started it's self around the last weeks before the COVID 19 Lockdown, and carried on throughout the year of rolling Stay At Home orders.

I have been inspired for some time to use the double exposure effect on 35mm film as a catalyst to finding stories hidden in the resulting photographs. The desired result is to inspire short passages of text that explore the surreal outcomes of the images. These should both become creative artefacts themselves as well as potentially becoming stimuli for moving image work when the time is right.

These photographs present themselves ostensibly as moments of pure documentary photography superimposed upon each other as I go through my life capturing scenes that present themselves to me. The surreal effects of the blending of these moments however tell different, deeper stories that give new meaning to their constituent moments and are fun to explore with the written form.

A dream. An Echo... Folds in time. A crumple in space.