.music film / artist.moving.image / super8mm / analogue photography / digital hybrid


An experimental super 8mm Music Video

This experimental film is a creative collaboration with the amazing singer, songwriter and artist: Fiona Fey, as well as other artists working behind the scenes to support its creation.

Our thoughts are reassembled while we sleep. Memories of the day well-up and spill over into our dreams until we catch them by the tail.

This DIY music video presents as an Artist's experimental film combining three different Super 8mm film stocks to great narrative effect. The editors that sit inside our heads cutting together our thoughts into what we experience as a stream of consciousness are portrayed as acts of self reflection in the Director's reinterpretation of the single "Like You", by singer songwriter Fiona Fey.

Finished during the start of the COVID-19 Lockdown in the UK, the work has taken on a new meaning in the year since as we have all had a time thrust upon us to take stock and reflect on how we want to be in the world.

We made this on three different Super 8mm film stocks, using the differing mediums to great narrative effect. 35mm Analogue photographs of the studio set up have then been scanned and brought into the digital studio and animated with small sequences from the film to create surreal moving picture vignettes to be displayed on a digital picture frame.

Fiona Fey - Vox / Guitar
Charles Cunliffe - Cello
Emily Cunliffe - French Horn
Justine Nathalie Marzack- Bass

Kiran Lee - Styling & Cam Assistant
Winter James - Make-up
Christo Squier - Runner