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:: "The Gardener" - a Straight 8 Film ::

After working with the Praprikaland Theatre company on a commercial piece of work, I was inspired to put together a more artistic exploration of the puppet universe.

After a couple of false starts, and driven on by a Straigh 8 2011 deadline a week away from deciding I wanted to enter, I called on the skills of the Praprikaland puppeteers to shoot a 3:30 short on one spool of super 8 cine film, with no editing.

I feel there will be more. Many more. In the future.

**UPDATE - We're selected as one of the Top 20 Straight 8 Films of All Time! Proof that Cute Rocks****

Directed by: David McNulty
Written & Performed by: Olaya De Marcos/ Lucas Levitan
Produced & Directorial Assistance by: Danni Emery
Music: Written and recorded by Richard Mead @ Cranium Sound