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:: "North Ten" - a short film for Blue Rose Code, set to music, shot on 16mm ::

Working with the extremely soulful @BlueRoseCode (Ross Wilson and his band), We went to the countryside with a weeks notice, armed with a 16mm camera, and a couple of Super 8.

My treatment was to try and make a 1970's style documentation; a chance to experiment with new formats (for me anyway). Seeking a new visual style - trying to create a mood or a visual tone.

The result will be a short promotional film set to music for BlueRoseCode's upcoming album, "North Ten". A little later on in the year we'll keep the Aubin and Wills site which features Ross updated with some documentary content showing a little of the craft behind the music.

Client: Blue Rose Code
Director: donshades
Editor: david mcnulty
Cinematography: Alberto Balazs
Creative Director: Lucas Levitan
Producer: Julie Seal
Production Company: Donshades Ltd / The Blonde and the Beard

Shot from the hip with a freedom more associated with new digital formats. Risky, given the developing cost. My current gripe with digital film making is that everybody is trying to strive for an old 16mm look using DSLRs. For me the only way to capture Ross was on celluloid, and let the band document their time on Super8 - the home video format of the 1970s. Happily this process would scratch a creative itch I've had for a while...

It took little persuasion to bring Alberto Balazs on board as cinematographer. Alberto's artists eye was a source of inspiration throughout - his speed and expertise giving us the freedom to work on film as if it was one of the new digital flavours usually preferred for this kind of work.



Ross Recording 2

Steve with the Super 8