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:: Greenpeace "Ramin Paper Trail" promo ::

Greenpeace asked me to come on board towards the end of their campaign to help save Indonesia's rainforests. Ramin trees are a hard-wood tree, and an internationally protected species. They grow from Indonesia’s peat swamp forests, which are home to the endangered Sumatran tiger. Only 400 remain in the wild.

A complicated cause and effect - by buying paper, made from destroyed rainforest, we are destroying the habitat of the Sumatran tiger.

Together we told the top line of the story in a promo-film format that's aim was to convey the who, what where and why-should-we-care?

Client: Greenpeace International
Agency: N/A
Writer: Anonymous
Production Company: Anonymous
Director: Donshades
Editor: Donshades
Music: Addy Bradbury