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:: Fire In The Mountain Festival Films ::

Fire In The Mountain is a small festival on a farm high up in the valleys above Aberystwyth, Wales. The festival asked me to come down with my camera and document some of the amazing music, performance community and expression that takes place over the weekend. Using recordings of music performances at the festival it's self, I set out with the intention of making something that I feel truly represents the beautifully understated nature of the happenings at the festival.

:: UPDATE :: This Film was Awarded AIF's Festival Promo of the Year 2015 ::

Fire In The Mountain Festival Promo 2014 from donshades on Vimeo.

Fire In The Mountain Festival Promo 2014 in 90" from donshades on Vimeo.

Client: Jamie's Farm / Cock and Bull Festival
Writer: donshades
Director: donshades
Camera: donshades / Lauren Taylor
Production Company: eggbox films / studio donshades
Editors: donshades/ Lauren Taylor