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Malcome from Dareschool tells it like it is.
Campaign Big Award winning film directed by me, with visual effects direction by DOP Mike Connolly from Electricpig.

Suffering from no budget and an underdeveloped script - with half an hour rehearsal and a cup of tea we went guerrilla shooting with a pimped up handy-cam and managed to scoop ourselves a campaign BIG award; shown below. Er... go us I suppose...

Client: Dare
Idea: Benji and Eliot
Interactive Direction and Development: David McNulty
Director: David McNulty
Production Company: Dare
VFX: Electric Pig
Award: Campaign Big Award 2008

Campaign Big Award

: "Campaign Big Award" :
: 400D : digital print :
Drunk as a skunk after the awards night where I got to meet the great Jack Dee... I got back to my flat and decided to photograph the award in my oven. Why? Who knows - ask my alter ego.